LA and Ventura County Installation available and is starting at $150.00

Helpful Tips for Installing our Cambria, Ventura, Santa Cruz and Laguna Posts.

  1. Layout safe place for mailbox post so the box opening with end up being 41” to 46” above the road surface and 6” to 8” away from the curb edge or road surface. (subtract curb height)

  2. Dig a round or square hole 18” deep and 8” to 10” wide.

  3. Insert the post in the hole at the correct height and then fill with concrete. A 60lbs bag of Quikcrete fast setting post concrete works well. Mix in a wheel barrow at one time or Batches in a 5 gallon bucket.

  4. Use a level to true all sides until the concrete is solid.

  5. Next use the 1/4” plastic plate provided or cut a 1” x 6” thick piece of wood that will fit under the new mailbox. (mailbox design will determine whether to use the 1/4” or 1”)

  6. Lineup then mark holes, then pre drill in the top of the post and the mailbox support plate. Next attach base plate to post and finally the mailbox to the plate.

Additional Notes

  • The hollow Vinyl post core built into our posts can be filled with concrete before setting in the hole if a heavy duty installation is desired.
  • Our posts will fit over an existing 4”x 4” wood post to save time.
  • For on concrete installations a metal post bracket can be dowelled and bolted in for support.
  • There are numerous videos available YouTube that show post installations.

Corecast Platt Stone
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